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Keynote Speaker I

Prof. Hsin-Hung Wu
National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

Prof. Hsin-Hung Wu is University Distinguished Professor and Interim Chair Department of Business Administration, College of Management National Changhua University of Education, Changhua, Taiwan. He got Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, USA, 1998; M.S. in Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, USA 1994 and B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Information, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan, 1993.
Keynote Speech Title: Applications of Importance-Performance Analysis in Identifying Critical Attributes 
Abstract: Importance-performance analysis originally developed by Martilla and James using a two-dimensional matrix has been widely applied in many areas due to its ease of use to capture the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. With the above information, the management can deploy resources more effectively in accordance with the strengths and weaknesses. In addition, attributes belonging to the major weaknesses should be improved to reduce customer satisfaction, while attributes classified into the major strengths should be further maintained to gain the competitiveness in the market. Several examples in different areas are demonstrated to show how to use importance-performance analysis to identify critical attributes.

Keynote Speaker II

Prof. Ming-Hsiang Huang
National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

Dr. Ming-hsiang Huang is a professor of Finance in Department of Business Administration (B. A.), College of Business, National Changhua University of Education (NCUE), Taiwan. He earned his MBA in Finance and DBA in Finance from Mississippi State University (MSU) in 1982 and 1999, respectively. He has special interest in financial institution management; therefore, he entered Taiwan Business Bank for nine years to learn banking practice upon his graduation from MBA program. He was senior security analyst of the bank and had received several practical training on portfolio management from Mitsui Investment Trust Company, Sangyo Security Company, and Merrill Lynch Assets Management Company. He was Associate Professor of Finance in Dept. of Finance in Fengchia University, Chairperson of B.A. Department, and Dean of Academic Affairs in NCUE. He is teh member of the Taiwan Efficiency and Productivity Association (TEPA), and Beta Gama Sigma. His research interest is in the area of financial institution risk management, portfolio management, efficiency of financial institutions, and the business and economic forecast using data mining techniques. He has several papers on refereed journal including Review of Financial Economics, Academia Economic Papers, Review of Security and Futures Markets, Physica A, Journal of Financial Review< Educational Policy Forum, Journal of Statistics & Management Systems, Taiwan Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, Middle Eastern Finance and Economics. He also served as several referred journal inckuding Reviewer of African Journal of Business Management, Journal of Economics and Management, Taiwan Journal of Applied Economics, Commerce & Management Quarterly.

Keynote Speaker III

Dr. Fan-Yun Pai is Professor of Dept. of Business Administration at National Changhua University of Education and received her PhD degree in Business Administration from National Taiwan University. Dr. Pai’s research interests include business model development/innovation, service innovation, service and operation management and decision making. She received MOST Special Outstanding Talent Award from 2011 to 2017, Bai-sha Acadamic Research Award in 2012, 2013 and 2017, and Outstanding Faculty Research Award of NCUE in 2015.
She not only has executed several academic research projects supported by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) from 2007, but also has implemented practical projects, such as Small-and-Medium Enterprise consulting projects supported by Small and Medium Enterprise Admiration, Ministry of Economic Affairs. She has published articles in Expert Systems with Applications, Industrial Marketing Management, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, International Journal of Production Research, Production Planning and Control, International Journal of Production Economics, Quality and Quantity, and the Service Industry Journal, etc.

Keynote Speaker IV

Prof. Juha Kettunen
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Dr. Juha Kettunen is the Chancellor of the Turku University of Applied Sciences, after serving 14 years as University Rector. He is also an Adjunct Professor of the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. He was previously the Director of the Vantaa Institute for Continuing Education of the University of Helsinki and Director of the Advanced Management Education Centre of the University of Jyväskylä. He holds a PhD (Econometrics) from the University of Bristol in the UK, a DSc (Economics and Business Administration) from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and a DSc (Technology) from the University of Oulu in Finland.

Keynote Speaker V

Prof. Kun-Huang Huarng
Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Prof. KUN-HUANG HUARNG received Ph.D. in Texas A&M University, Texas, U.S.A. (1993). And he is now Professor of International Business, Feng Chia University, Taiwan; Dean in College of Business, Feng Chia University, Taiwan; Associate Editor in Journal of Innovation & Knowledge; Editor-in-Chief in International Journal of Business Economics; Associate Editor in Journal of Business Research; Founder Governor of Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA). Also, he is Life Fellow of International Society of Management Engineers and received Outstanding Service Award in the Literati Network 2008 Awards for Excellence, Emerald (2008).
Keynote Speech Title: A structural association analysis method for management studies
Abstract: This keynote speech introduces a method to analyze the structural associations in multi-layer problems using the new consistency. Research methods are important in identifying correct associations between antecedents (independent variables) and outcomes (dependent variables). Studies suggest using fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA) to explore the associations. However, fsQCA presents two problems: the definition of consistency function and the propagation of consistency values in multi-layer problems. To facilitate the explanation, this speech uses the proposed method to analyze the structural research framework and data by Lin et al. (2009) to demonstrate the process of how to obtain the structural association of a multi-layer problem.

Keynote Speaker VI

Prof. Luiz Moutinho
Dublin City University, Ireland

Prof. Luiz Moutinho is the Professor of BioMarketing and Futures Research (the first Chair in the world in these two scholarly fields ) at the DCU Business School, Dublin City University in Ireland. Previously ,and for 20 years, he had been appointed to the Foundation Chair of Marketing at the Adam Smith Business School ,University of Glasgow, Scotland. He completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield in 1982. He has been a Full Professor for 26 years and held posts at Cardiff Business School, University of Wales College of Cardiff, Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA, Northern Arizona University, USA and California State University, USA. He has held Visiting Professorship positions at Hubei University, China, Hubei University of Economics, China, Hebei United University ,China, University of Vilnius, Lithuania, University of Innsbruck, Austria, Otago University, New Zealand, University of Aarhus, Denmark, Bled School of Management, Slovenia, University of Aveiro, Portugal, Gyor University, Hungary, Feng Chia University, Taiwan, University of Coimbra, Portugal, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal, FGV-Sao Paulo, Brazil, Catholic University, Brazil, University of Los Andes, Colombia, and University of Cyprus. Between 1987 and 1989 he was the Director of the Doctoral Programmes at the Confederation of Scottish Business Schools and at the Cardiff Business School between 1993 and 1996. He was Director of the Doctoral Programme in Management at the University of Glasgow between 1996 and 2004 .He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Modelling in Management (JM2) and has another 4 Associate Editorships as well as being in the Editorial Boards of another 46 international academic journals.

Plenary Speaker

Dr Cathal Gurrin
Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

Dr Cathal Gurrin (@cathal) is a (senior) lecturer at the School of Computing, at Dublin City University, a visiting researcher at the University of Tromso and a principal Investigator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. Gurrin leads a group of 9 researchers dedicated to developing assistive technologies using wearable sensors and data analytics. The highly interdisciplinary approach advanced by the group, "lifelogging", integrates computer science, cognitive science and data-driven healthcare analytics to generate next-generation digital records of the individual, The basic idea is to provide a non-invasive, secure and privacy-preserving personal big data archive monitoring and analyzing continuously, for instance, health related data in a proactive manner for personalized health maintenance and restoration. He has secured research funding of over €2.5M (from Irish, EU and other international sources), co-authored patents with Samsung, licensed technologies to Irish startups, mentored new technology companies and has graduated 5 PhDs and supervised numerous MSc dissertations. He has a Google H-index of 25 from over 1,900 citations to his research works, and he is the co-author of ‘Lifelogging, Personal Big Data’, 2014. In addition, he runs the world’s lifelogging meetup in Dublin and regularly speaks at major international events such as the Global Quantified-Self Conference and partner-events. Finally he has been the general chair of many high-ranking computer science conferences, such as ECIR 2011 & MMM 2014, he has been the chair of MB2016, and held co-chairing roles in ECIR 2010, ACM CIKM 2010 & ACM SIGIR 2013, and he holds position on numerous editorial boards and conference steering committees.

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